Thoughts On Netflix….In progress

Netflix; what a genius concept. Giving people the opportunity to watch as many episodes of their favorite shows as possible? Letting them binge season after season, movie after movie for eight hours straight from anywhere with Wi-Fi? And for just 10 dollars a month? I wish this was sponsored, but I currently have zero followers. I applaud you, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. Well done.

What I would have thought about Netflix a year ago was that it was an honest waste of time. I wasn’t bashing those who used it. I myself, last summer, spent more time than I like to admit watching Pretty Little Liars.

But recently, I have developed a newfound sense of respect for Netflix, not because of the discovery of my new favorite show Gilmore Girls that I can now quote word by word, but because of something Netflix has recently been adding more and more of into their mix. Netflix Originals.

I’ll admit it, some Netflix Originals aren’t that great, they are just extra movies that were made for the sake of adding to the selection, but there are some that stand out to me; the ones based off of books.

One of my favorite series when I was about 11 years old was The Series Of Unfortunate Events. There was always such a depressing and ironic tone Lemony Snicket added to all of his work that stood out to me, and a lot of others, as special. Although the ending of the series disappointed me quite a bit, the books as a whole collection were well done.

And what trailer popped up at the top of my Netflix account one day as I signed in to watch some quality Mulan II? You guessed it. Those three children standing there with those expressionless stares. I knew who they were seconds before I read the title. It was as if baby Sunny, Klaus, and the eldest, Violet had popped out of my imagination and onto the screen in front of me.

Although I haven’t watched the entire Netflix version, I can say that from what I’ve seen so far, I was very impressed by how much of a symmetrical reflection it was of the books. I can guess some people may have resented that, like they did Beauty and the Beast for being a live action copy of the original cartoon, but I feel excitement bubble up inside of me when I see everything I love come to life.



My First Post

Well, this is my very first post. I guess I will introduce myself; I am a high school student with high hopes for my future, and it’s all going to start here. Well, really it started when I was about 7 years old and wrote my¬†first story, but here is the real turning point. In case you are wondering, the story was about a group of girls having a sleepover, but at night, they revealed their secret power to turn into different monsters by will. It was actually quite elaborate for a kinder-gardener who only had one friend.

I mentioned my future earlier, but then we kind of got off task. I want to major in english and possibly minor in something else like communications, marketing, or public relations, (I might even go for a double major in English and one of those topics), graduate, then live in Boston or somewhere near Boston and work with authors as an editor. It’s also a possibility that I will end up doing a marketing career of some sort, probably marketing books.

Well, I will tell more later, just to keep you on the edge of your seat, because obviously this is oh-so-exciting and I bet you can’t wait to hear more. (Sense my subtle sarcasm?)

This blog will primarily focus on new literature and some television I am interested in; reviews, summaries….anything. I might also post about school projects and maybe if I actually get some people to interact with on here, I can share with them and we can talk about it together. I do have to give an oral presentation in a few weeks.

Well, bye. Until next time!